I’m a working mum with two grown up boys and one growing up little lady. In a previous life, I worked as a lawyer in London. I moved to Belgium 25 years ago to learn French – France wouldn’t have me, without the French (true).

Many French films, menus, embarrasing mistakes and three children later …..I now dream in French and still live in Belgium. In Brussels to be precise. 

I’ve spent much of the last quarter century helping people to feel better about themselves and to make better choices. I’m still doing that, but now I also need to choose me.

I’ve always been an observer and a writer. The prefectionist in me has often struggled to translate my thoughts into words, so the writing bit has also often stayed stranded in my head. I so need to just spit it all out. SO much to say and too little time. Thats basically what Write The Moment is about : me, finally telling things as I see them, without fear of getting it wrong or sounding ridiculous.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve comments or questions or suggestions welcome your comments and questions. Just drop me a line through the contact page. I’ll reply to questions quickly.

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