Endless Love

I was in the middle of researching my ‘five sure signs you’re dating a Sociopath’ blog when my daughter rang from France. I haven’t heard from her for a week. Packed her off with phone (and masses of credit), charger, iPad & charger, spare chargers and forced her to memorise all my telephone numbers and email addresses. That was last Saturday. Since then, I’ve heard nothing. Her wonderful … Continue reading Endless Love

Millionaire Malarkey

Whilst lounging about pretending to get stuff ready for my Belgian National Day party tomorrow, I just happened to turn live TV on my tablet. I’d intended to half-watch something relaxing whilst vacuuming. But I wasn’t altogether disappointed that the channel was already set to ITV.be – who did that? The shit-bag hoover was winding me up anyway. I bought the cheapest one available from my local supermarket recently … Continue reading Millionaire Malarkey