Bloodsucker. Inhaling the energy from my core, Diverting my focus to your war, Against honesty and care. Fuck your rancid morals. Lie alone in your self-serving lair. But you won’t, will you…. Unmasked, but not startled, Prince charming will simply resurrect, Cast his ravenous eye to the next page, Waltz his chosen victim into the golden cage, Liposuction her very persona, Entrap her with mirrored desires. Its bile. Parasite. … Continue reading Narcissus

Disjointed Love

We’re on a roll We’re on a high Re-laying the foundations of this fragile unity Lie upon sunshine fuelled lie. Delicious fried niblets Rosé on tap En-sconsed in the moment Content in the trap. We lie aside each other, blissful Amid the lamentable crowd Of pimps and their charges Barely disguised and proud. The door is not open Its not even ajar But the mesmerising, twinkly ocean Shifts all doubt to obscurity … Continue reading Disjointed Love