Bury me softly

You can almost touch the moment you realise whats going on. But not quite. That sensation of thoughts swirling around your head… Can’t join them all up. You know what it means, but can explain nothing. Suddenly it all starts to make abstract sense. Everything you tried to keep up with. To follow and make good. Like a dog denied a reward for the usual … Continue reading Bury me softly


Life is a risky business. Any path can lead you to a dead end or might be paved with gold. I’ve always envied people without ambition or curiosity (as I feel it). Childhood friends who marry the guy or girl down the road and buy a house close enough to walk to their parents’ home…..and they do pop in….every day…just for a chat. They often go … Continue reading Prudence


Sudoku, faut cu Thats really all I can write. Police phares calling My mind is falling Failing. Gaslights burning Stomach churning. How to explain The pain. I talk about reflecting But I’m dun with it. Sista’s fecked it. Im tired of this confusion. Dun with your pollution. This ain’t love. Scrabble you say? F*ing take it away. Take your fake sudoku intellectualism And stick it … Continue reading Dun