Moody Blues

Midnight blue sky this evening, to match the Italian blue footie shirts. Beautiful view, in stark contrast to my son’s grey mood following the cruel penalty shoot out which just ended the Italian team’s EURO 2016 adventure. I spent the shoot out hidden in the loo of course. I just cannot watch penalties. Not even for my kids. No amount of wine could help me survive actually watching a penalty shoot out. So the choice was – hide…or call the ambulance in advance. Pretty straightforward choice really.
How can it be fair to decide a semi-final on penalties? and what a shitty psychological burden to put on those who miss. I know they’re paid shit loads for the pleasure. But really? Can we really not come up with something a little kinder than forcing a load of knackered (and petrified…apart from the Germans) guys to step up to risk losing their reputation and perhaps sanity in front of thousands of fans…..and haters? (how many times can I say ‘really’ and stay credible?).
More wine…….