Life is full of challenges. Some more complicated than others. Often I wake up wondering what the hell I did in a previous life to deserve this lifetime of constant challenge. I mean, I’ve learnt enough bloody lessons right. Don’t I deserve a break ? It sometimes (actually more or less always), feels like my ‘to do’ list just expands to replace any jobs I manage to cross off.
I have determined days when I re-write the list and systematically work through the points. Those tend to be the days when the phone never stops ringing and the postman delivers a load of shit. By the end of the day I’m usually plus 10 things to do and minus much money having blackmailed the kids to leave me alone with Pizza Hut on demand……
Then there are other days, like today, when I feel swamped under the weight of serious decisions. Real and difficult choices that have to be made, despite every part of me just wanting to sit down and watch Sex And The City re-runs. These are the days when my flat ends up sparkly and clean as I try every avoidance tactic going…even housework. I’m almost at 10,000 steps today and I haven’t even left the flat!
With the wisdom of time and many mistakes, I’ve learnt that we have to celebrate each and every achievement. However small.  Focus on what is good rather than sinking under the challenges. It doesn’t take the challenge away of course, but it helps to keep some perspective.
So today, I’m celebrating the fact that this morning, after twelve years of cooking eggs for my daughter, I apparently boiled the most perfect egg she’s ever eaten in the whole world. That I didn’t bother with the egg-timer today, so have absolutely no idea how to repeat the process, is irrelevant. I made my beautiful daughter happy and THAT is now helping me to focus on the bigger challenge of the day. How the hell am I going to find 15k to pay for number 1 son’s schooling next year?
Back to the cleaning……