Congratulations Evelien!

I am a self proclaimed Sex And The City FAN with a capital everything and proud of it. I once opted out of Christmas just to plug in to my box-set in heavenly peace. What a blissful day that was. I danced around the flat in my pjs every time the intro played. I cried tears of joy and laughed my little socks off all day. My only concern was that the tv might overheat or blow up. I adore Carrie. I defy anyone not to. She’s bright, funny, questioning, quirky and has THE most amazing wardrobe… and Mr Big, of course.  I can feel myself disintegrating into a stream of capitals and exclamation marks here!! This is the effect SATC has on me and its positive let me tell you. Its such a beautifully written series of observations on life and such a refreshing change/distraction from our depressing actuality and the overwhelmingly clinical/psychological TV drama that I need a pen and paper to follow nowadays. I LOVE it!!!!!

Not so fond of the SATC films mind you. But this clip, from SATC number 2, makes up for any (minor) plot disappointments. A group of female friends singing this fantastic, feminist anthem in seductive feline harmony. Its beguilingly beautiful and so uplifting.
This is my anthem and today I want to dedicate it to a real woman who encapsulates the best qualities of all four of these fictional characters. Evelien, my sweet, strong, funny, loving, dynamic and brave friend. I’m so sorry I can’t join you to celebrate your marriage this weekend. But I want you to listen to this song and feel the power of your own invincibility. I look forward to hearing you ROAR !!!!