Coffee break !!

I forgot how much I love this place. This was my bolt hole when the kids were small and we’d just moved to the area. We had a lovely little apartment just up the road. I knew no-one, but I instantly loved it. A massively diverse and friendly community. Fantastic irregular architecture. Unpretentious bars and cafés and a fabulous market in the square every weekend. I’d go there and buy far too much food and then we’d all clatter into this place for coffee and snacks. It hadn’t long opened back then but was already a huge welcoming space for all. Families, singles and groups of friends by day, after work cocktail drinkers early evening and trendy music lovers by night….and me and the kids, at all times! I’m sitting here remembering my baby girl (little as she was then) clambering over torn leather sofas to get to the games shelf. Spilling bits of games all over the place and laughing whilst the boys queued up to choose their plates of tapas. I remember number two (age 7) ordering sardines and octopus and wolfing down the lot.
So glad I stopped by here this morning. I dropped number two off to register at his new school earlier and realised how close to here I was. Part of me thinking ‘don’t go back and re-visit old memories. You’re feeling melancholy enough already’. Another gremlin saying ‘you haven’t got bloody time to sit around drinking coffee! (I’ve another three begging appointments to complete before the day is over). But its done me the world of good to stop and take myself out of the chaos for a moment in this peaceful place.
Merci La Maison du Peuple! I think its maybe five years since I last stopped by, but you are just as you ever were. Refreshing and revitalising. I’ll be back…