Cauliflower Crisis

Back to work tomorrow after two weeks leave. With my rose-tinted, glass half-full head on, I’ve achieved much and enjoyed being a stay-home mum. Meanwhile, in the real world, I’m trying to distract myself from everything that feels like its gone horribly wrong by staring at this cauliflower I bought. Wondering what amazing cauliflower dish I could impress my boys with. I’ve got no further than cauliflower cheese by the way. This vegetable is not quite as inspiring as I’d hoped.
I also waved my beautiful and energetic daughter off on the first of her many summer sojourns yesterday evening. I wanted to go with her. She wanted to go without me. She went without me. There is a hilarious scene in the, comic-genious, ‘Mére et Fille‘ series that my princess and I curl up and giggle at together, when mum removes the tyres from her daughter’s mate’s car, in an effort to stop her daughter leaving on holiday. I’m not quite on that level to be fair, but I will miss her. You can never be bored, unhappy or lazy around Mademoiselle holiday. Why did I ever think a cauliflower could compete?
As I write, my neighbour downstairs is having a Skype chat in very loud Dutch with his son. His son is on holiday in Greece with his mum. I know this, even though I don’t speak Dutch, as he is repeating every word three times, as loudly and slowly as he possibly can, so that the whole building can share the conversation. The fact that I want to kill him is probably a good indication that my cup is half empty today, no matter how many cauliflower recipes I can come up with.
I’m also feeling beyond un-enthralled at the prospect of returning to my paid day job. I have an overwhelming feeling of doom. I am conscious that this is as worrying a clue that something isn’t quite right in my world, as wanting to kill my neighbour for chatting enthusiastically to his son.
Only one thing for it, time to tune into SuzelleDIY. If this YouTube sensation doesn’t shake me out of murderous melancholy then my next post will probably reach you from Prison. Either way, enjoy this culinary classic and pray for my neighbour…..